15th Jul 2019 at 10:20am

A healthy and sustainable climate is our most precious resource and the demand to decrease our carbon footprint is an expectation by consumers and soon to become a priority by global standards. In 2019, consumers have come to expect the plastics industry to innovate their processes in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

As a result, in collaboration with Chromax Pty Ltd, we are excited to release the innovative technology, known as Oysterlean that saves up to 20% of CO2 emissions per plastic product.

Oysterlean is a non-hazardous, bio-renewable substitute for plastic made from marine waste oyster shells. The FDA approved grade resin, replaces up to 25% of the plastic in each product that is manufactured.

Here at Elams, we have been busy developing our product range to include this material additive to begin the movement towards a greener future. From the jars/bottles/caps we produce - to the bag liners these are packed in, we are able to now offer almost our entire packaging options inclusive of this additive.

With an ever-increasing consumer demand for environmentally conservative methods, this resin attributes to meeting consumer demand for sustainability in their purchases.

If this is something you are interested in! Give us a call today.